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Nice Work! In the Atlassian Ecosystem

Feb 21, 2018

Abbas Haider Ali, CTO of xMatters, joins Nice Work! to talk with Lacey about how the challengers to solving incidents at scale. It takes a team of people to solve incidents. Do you know who the right people are or do you just require everyone to join the call? Queue the endless conference call joining meme. Lacey also...

Feb 15, 2018

Micky Caritte is a French expat in Canada, running Jira at a large bank as a senior Atlassian Consultant and has recently published his first app. And since he starting using Jira at version 3.5 (at least) he knows a thing or two about administering Jira. Lacey Carlyle talks to Micky about what he knows. 

Feb 8, 2018

If you don't know Rachel Wright, you are missing out on the full Jira administration experience. Wright is the author of the must-read Jira Strategy Admin Workbook, she is a certified Jira Administrator, and we believe she coined the term "drain the Jira swamp" to help save you from the epidemic of over-customized...