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Nice Work! In the Atlassian Ecosystem

Jun 5, 2019

Help desks are not the only teams that take and fulfill requests from employees in organizations. Marketing teams are asked to approve copy. Facilities teams are asked to fix broken doors. Legal teams are asked to review contracts. The difference is that help desk teams do not have a reputation of being a black hole. Everyone knows that they can fill out a form and get help. Even if it is "eventually." This is not the same for business teams. Most of the time, we need to know who in marketing or facilities or legal, we need to ask. Then we send an email. Here's the problem, with that approach, there is no way to count the requests, track how long requests take, know what to do when someone goes on vacation. In other words, there is no transparency.

Kate Caldecott, Chief Operating Officer at ThinkTilt and Simon Herd, Founder and CEO of ThinkTilt join Nice Work! to help us understand why business teams need to adopt principles of ITSM and why they should do it with Jira Service Desk. They even wrote a white paper about it called, "From ITSM to ESM: Enterprise Service Management with Jira Service Desk." 

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